Nate’s Review of Wellington


The food in Wellington was good. There is a good pub place that had tasty burgers. Also there was a great Mexican place that had great tacos. Also there were two good American chains. There was also an ok pizza place that took forever to get our food. Also there was a great pizza restaurant that’s all over New Zealand.


The sights in Wellington are ok. There are the parliament billdings. Also there was the place were they made some props for the lord of the rings movies. There is also two rugby stadiums and we went to one and watched a game. There is also a hike up a small mountain that was ok. On the other side of the water there is a cable car to the top of a hill. On the water there is a giant museum that had all sorts of stuff from New Zealand’s history including a Giant exhibit about the Gallipoli campaign in WW1. And there is a bird park that my parents said was a zoo but it was actually a hike with a it bigger chance to see birds.


The hotel in Wellington was good. There was fast wifi and a big bed. Also there was a big table and couch. The view was bad and the floor was almost all carpet.

I give Wellington a 10/10

2 replies on “Nate’s Review of Wellington”

Sounds like there is a lot to do in Wellington! Did you like rugby? Could you follow it? I remember learning a while ago that there are no mammals native to New Zealand–that the birds filled the mammals’ biological niches. (Like burrowing parrots and so forth.) Did you see some weird and interesting birds?


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