Mindo – Day 2, a kids dream! Ziplines and Chocolate

On Tuesday we once again had a lovely breakfast at the hotel. The setting was just amazing— we could see orchids, hummingbirds and birds.

We then headed to one of the two zipline operators in town which are apparently identical for all intents and purposes (they are next door to each other, same price, same length). Kids and Steve selected the the full 10 zipline tour. Again virtually nobody around, no waits.

All had a blast and got a good workout; there was some walking between lines up steep hills. I read a book:) I have been reading Harry Potter in Spanish as practice. While I am not fearful of heights, exactly, I don’t particularly like not having anything under my feet while up high!

Jack coming in at the end!

On the fast lines Nate had to go with the guide

We then took a cab back to our hotel for a swim. An English family of 4 was there this time.

Then we headed for the last time to our favorite restaurant where we were greeted warmly!

For our last Mindo activity we walked to the Quetzal chocolate tour. In the “it’s a small world category” it was founded by an Ecuadorian immigrant to Michigan who operates an artisanal chocolate business in both countries. The US/Michigan version has ties to one of Steve’s relative’s businesses!! (US version is here: Mindo Chocolate for any of you Michiganders reading that want a taste of Ecuador!)

We got to see the chocolate making process from fruit to bar in their tiny factory comprised of exclusively home-made/simple machines. Quite illuminating! Tour finished with a tasting of all their various products. This includes various flavors (none milk!), chocolate tea, and some amazing brownies.

We then walked back to our bungalow in a torrential downpour! We’ve now learned which waterproof coats are truly waterproof.

Our evening included watching, for the 3rd night, The Simpsons in Spanish which seems to be a big thing here given it was on multiple channels each night!

In a very bizarre coincidence the first full episode was about the Simpsons going to, and briefly moving to, Boston! For those from the area I encourage you to watch it, pretty darn funny!

Homer at Quincy Market

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