Nate’s review of Cuenca


The food in Cuenca is great. There are of restaurants that I recommend.

One: Fabiano’s is a great Italian restaurant. I recommend the pasta with meat balls and the pizza. It is the best Italian restaurant in Cuenca.

Two: Happy Fries has great fries and you can get on your fries fried chicken and hot dogs.

Three: There is a great pizza place Santo Cielo. It has one dollar pizza slices.

Four: There is another good Italian place called Filippo Wine Cheese and Bread. It has pretty good food and I would recommend the ravioli.

Five: Las Cruces is a good burger restaurant. It has good burgers and fries. The fries are steak fries.

Six: Angelus by Tutto Freddo is a good ice cream parlor though it has a kind of weird system for ordering. And it has good ice cream.


The sights in Cuenca are terrible. For the best sights you need to climb up 154 stairs and there’s no elevator to the top. Also most of the buildings are ugly because of their colors or bad materials (or both). Also there’s a zoo which was nice-ish.

It had a lot of monkeys.


The hotel is great. It has great WiFi and there’s good breakfast. Also the room is big and there is 4 beds which are nice. The room we stayed in was suite 119.

my review of Cuenca is a solid 7/10

2 replies on “Nate’s review of Cuenca”

Nate – Your review of Cuenca gives me a very good sense of your experiences (and preferences) and what to expect if I’m ever there. Thank you for your careful observations and clear descriptions! I look forward to future entries.


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