Nate’s Review of the Galápagos


1 We went to lunch at a place called Galápagos deli. It was good. We had sandwiches and fish and chips.

2 There is a good cafe above a grocery store. It has good pancakes, bacon and fruit. We could see boats from our table.

3 There is a good restaurant called Pizza Eat. It has good pizza and sandwiches.


The Galápagos is a great place for site-seeing because of all of its animals.

One of the most famous animals in the Galápagos is the Blue footed booby.

Another famous animal is the giant tortoise. They are big and have an average life span of 150 years.


The Galápagos has great snorkeling and diving.

You see fish of all colors and sizes.

You can also see sting rays, sea cucumbers and turtles.


Some of the Galápagos boats are big and have 100 people on them.

Some of them are small and are really not good when going against the current.

The big and medium cruise ships have zodiacs for trips to islands.

The Galápagos also has small boats for day trips to beaches and islands.

I give the Galápagos a 7/10.

2 replies on “Nate’s Review of the Galápagos”

Those animals sound amazing. From your Mom’s photos, it looks like you could get very close to them! What an adventure you are having! Is there any difference in Ecuadoran pizza and American pizza?


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