Behind the Scenes of a Video

To fully explain how the process of making and video goes would probably take a long time, but here goes my best shot.

Also please comment what you would like to see more of!

None of our videos are scripted, but I have a list of shots that I need to have enough coverage while editing. In our case having enough coverage means having enough usable video clips to make a one to three minute video. Some of the clips that I collect are not usable because they are too shaky or the frame looked good while I was filming it but it turned out not so good on a bigger screen.

Shooting video

After I have collected all of my clips I put them into the timeline of Final Cut Pro x, the video editing software that I use. Then a I make an rough cut which can take a while because I need to choose music and import all of the footage. Then after the rough cut is done I get feedback on it from other people and make changes accordingly. This is my second draft. Then I get more feedback and check for spelling mistakes on titles. Then after I get it reviewed and spell checked it is done.

Now it is time to export it. This step is one of the shortest despite what some might think. Exporting on some editing software can take a while but not in Final Cut. It takes about three to five minutes. Now time to upload it.

This is my least favorite part because it takes a while most of the time and also is really repetitive. So here are all of the steps that I need to take in order to upload it to YouTube and the blog.

  1. Upload it to youtube
  2. While it is uploading I have to set all of the metadata for it including title, description and the tags.
  3. When it is done uploading and processing I have to add the end cards. These are the buttons at the end of the videos that let you subscribe and watch more. One of the end cards is always “best for you” and the other one is always the most recent video. (If the one that you are watching is most recent video it will show the second most recent video. ) And now I am done! … on the YouTube side that is.

To get the videos on the blog I have to do all of that stuff on youtube and then I have to get the url of the uploaded video. From there I have to go onto WordPress and edit the videos page and move the one in the “most recent” down to older videos and add the new one to the most recent section. Now I am almost done. I just need to promote it a little bit. ( What can I say it helps us and makes me happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

If you would like to support the channel ( which I urge you to do ) please Subscribe and Turn on notifications by clicking the little bell icon next to the subscribe button. Also make sure to comment on this blog post of what you would like to see more or less of!

Thank You!

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