Nate’s review of Buenos Aires and Uruguay


The food in Buenos Aries is great. There are a lot of American restaurants and they tasted like the USA. Also there are some restaurants right a cross the river in Uruguay that have giant piles of meat that you can order. There are a lot of good restaurants and grocery stores near where we stayed.


The sights in Buenos Aries are ok. There are estancias were there are horses and lots and lots of meat. There’s a lot of good museums too. In Uruguay there are some good and bad museums too.


The hotel in Buenos Aries was great. There was comfy beds, a big living room, lots of outlets and a big kitchen. It was so good! Also there were comfy chairs in the living room.

The hotel in Uruguay was ok. The room was very small and had almost no outlets. The bathroom was almost bigger than the main area. But it did have a pool with two hot tubs. The main pool was hotter than both of the hot tubs and the breakfast was pretty bad. But the pool was the best part.

I give Buenos Aries and Uruguay a solid 9\10.

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