Nate’s Review of Gibraltar


The food in Gibraltar is good. Something I like is that there is a lot of fish and chips. There are two good fish and chips restaurants and both are outdoors. One just had a tent over your head and the other one had a tent and outdoor heaters.


The main thing to see is the siege tunnel from 1779. There are also a cave with pillars of rock and the cave is also used for concerts. Also there are MONKEYS on the big rock were everything is. The monkeys had names like Slappy and Dracula. Their names are based on what they do and what they look like. There are also World War II tunnels under the siege tunnels.


Our apartment in Gibraltar was pretty good. There was a pool but we didn’t use it. There were small beds. Also there was ok wifi at the apartment. The apartment was part of and a complex of apartment buildings. From our balcony we could se the airport and the big rock that everything is on.

I give Gibraltar a 7/10.

One reply on “Nate’s Review of Gibraltar”

Good job, Nate1 The history of “The Rock” is fascinating, and I urge you to look into it when you can, as your trip has barely touched the surface. Have a ball!


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