Nate’s Review of Fes


The food in Fes is ok. There is an ok restaurant and a good one. The ok one has pasta and Moroccan food. The good one has Italian food. Also at the ok one you do not want the burger.


The sights in Fes are worse than Quito. There is a tannery that smells bad and a small cramped shopping place that has shops. Everything is ugly.


The hotel in Fes was ok. It had trash (slow) wifi, but it had good breakfast. It also had a bunk bed. The ladder really hurt my feet. The last thing about the hotel is that it was ugly.

I give Fes a 1/10

2 replies on “Nate’s Review of Fes”

Thanks for the warnings about Fes! The tannery looks very interesting – from 1/2 world away. I would not appreciate the odor. Now on to Spain and more of Europe. Enjoy.


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