Nate’s Review of DisneyLand Paris


The food in DisneyLand was good. There was a place called Videopolis that had burgers and fries and you could watch old Disney cartoons. Also there was another place that had the same food but you could see different stuff in the other park.


The rides were great. There was an Indiana Jones ride that had a loop and that ride was really fun. Also there was a ride called hyperspace mountain that had several inversions. During the ride you could see epic space combat. There was also a Pirates of the Caribbean ride that had two big drops. The best ride of all was Big Thunder Mountain. It was so fun. There were parts in the pitch black and really fast corners, too. And there were parts were you were almost sideways. There was also a car ride that was fun. There were a lot more rides that I can’t fit in this post.


The hotel was really good. It was about a 15 to 20 minute walk to the park and it had big beds. We were also close to a Starbucks. That’s were we had breakfast. There was also Piston Cup shampoo which I liked.

I give Disney Land París a 10/10

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