A Review of Avianca (Airline Review 2 )

Avianca is a pretty big airline that we only flew in South America. But they do have other flights in Europe.

Economy Seats

On all of our flights with this airline we were in economy which I thought was pretty good. The legroom was OK but it was on the smaller side. We did not get any free meals but there was a snack cart with some of the usual stuff.

In Flight Entertainment

All of our flights had a pretty good in flight entertainment system. Well, the interface was good but, the quantity of content was not that good. They had some American shows like The Big Bang Theory but for each show they only had one episode.This was kind of annoying because our flights were longer than 30 minutes or whatever the length was. So you ran out of content pretty quickly on longer flights.


Like Aerolíneas Argentinas , we had a lot of shorter runways to land on so it was not a surprise that some of their landings in South America were on the worse side of things for smoothness. The plane was fine and everyone on board was fine so some people would say that means it was a great landing, but most of them were not smooth.

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