Nate’s Review of Skiing in Austria


The food in the ski town was good. There was a restaurant at the top the ski hill that had good food. Apart from that we ate in all the time.


The ski slopes were really fun to ski. There was a fun run that was so flat in one spot that they had to installed a rope tow. There is a also a different set of fun runs that we skied a lot. There were a lot of people skiing up the hill. Also at the base there was a little train that took you up to the top of the hill. And from the top there was a great view. Also when we got home from the first day we saw a medical helicopter land in a field near our hotel.


The hotel was good. There was a nice bed, a nice bath, and a good TV. It was a 10 minute uphill walk to the slopes, but I didn’t mind.

I give skiing a 9/10.

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