[Rant] Cairo Is Bad

Like really bad.

So we stopped in Egypt for one day to see the pyramids and museums . That was pretty cool but the not so cool part about the trip was everywhere which was not the pyramids. So almost all of the city is uncompleted sky scrapers and apartment buildings, and even it they were finished they would look really bad. Also most of the “Finished” building were missing a lot of windows which is not really good. The best part about our stay there was the hotel that was right across the street from the pyramids which was called Le Meridian. I have never heard of it before but it was nice and had a couple restaurants in it. Also everywhere you look there is trash and dirt roads right down town. I would recommend you stay as far away as possible. And if it is not possible still stay away.

3 replies on “[Rant] Cairo Is Bad”

Glad you at least enjoyed the Pyramids! But now you know how a poor country’s capital looks. Not a pretty sight.


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