Nate’s Review of Cairo


The food in Cairo is terrible. There is this gross stuff that’s different types of meat with rice and fries. The meat is bad.


The sights in Cairo are okay. There are the great pyramids of Giza which are not great. They are just big mountains of stone. You can go inside one. DO NOT GO INSIDE THE PYRAMIDS unless you are three feet tall. Also there is the Sphinx which is cool for about 5 minutes. There is a lot of other stuff, but its all boring.


The hotel in Cairo was great. There was a view of the pyramids from our room. Also their food was okay. We asked for a burger with no sauce but it came with sauce. The breakfast was good. There was also a big pool but we didn’t get to use it.

I give Cairo a 2/10. Good bye! Headed to South Africa.

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