Ryanair (Airline Review 5)

So we flew Ryanair from Marrakesh Morocco to Seville Spain which was not a very long flight, about an hour or so. Let’s just say this was a really weird flight.


The seats were OK. They did not recline at all because that could break and they were really thin so they could fit more people in the plane. They were clean enough though. The legroom was about on par with most airlines.

In-flight Entertainment

You really thought that a $50 flight would come with in-flight entertainment?


No free food at all.


The landings on Ryanair are notoriously bad and the one on this flight was no exception. And the runway was not even that short.


Before we took off there were around five people that did not want to sit down and would not stop leaning over the seats and stuff (ever been on a school bus?) And also we paid to have bags in the overhead bins but the flight attendants did not let us put our bags there because they were not big enough. So that was pretty weird.

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