Nates Review of Dubai


The food in Dubai was great. Near our hotel was my favorite fast food chain, Wendy’s, and a good sandwich place next to it. There was only one fast food chain I like that was not in Dubai, Chipotle. That is my my second favorite chain. Luckily we found a place just like Chipotle and ate there.


The sights in Dubai were good. There is the tallest building in the world which was fun to go up. There was also a lot of malls. While we were there, we went to a lego convention where we could build legos. There was also the metro which was nice and clean. In one of the malls there is a ski resort.


The hotel in Dubai was good. There was fast wifi and nice beds. Also there was a big TV and a swimming pool. There was also good breakfast.

I give Dubai a 10/10.

3 replies on “Nates Review of Dubai”

That picture your Dad posted of the world’s tallest building was amazing. It looked like the building just blended right into the sky. Did you go skiing indoors? That would merit a 10/10 right there!


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