Third Quarter by the Numbers

Feb 10 to May 9 (89 days)

3 Continents: Africa, Asia (Middle East), Oceania

4 Countries: South Africa, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand. We also had long layovers in both Kenya and Singapore. However we didn’t go landside so they don’t count;)

11 airports, 5 flights: CPT- (JNB) -(DAR) – KIL, ARK – LOB (just a grass field!), KIL – (NBO) – DXB, DXB – (SIN) -AUK, AUK – ZQN

15 different places to sleep: That includes 2 red-eyes (back to back!) and a hotel we napped in at the Singapore airport.

4 UNESCO world/cultural/natural sites: Robben Island (South Africa), Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Ngorongoro Crater National Park (Tanzania), Khor Dubai (old Dubai) (UAE)

1 global pandemic

What will our 4th quarter bring us? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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