Nate’s Review of Queenstown


The food in Queenstown was great. There is a insanely good pizza restaurant called Sal’s pizza. There is a great group of restaurants called Ferg something. My favorite one was Ferg Burger. There was another good restaurant called The Boat Shed that had really good fish and chips. Apart from that, we ate at home.


The sights in Queenstown are great. There is a fun luge ride on top of a mountain and you take a gondola to get there. Also there is a steam boat that you can go on. Another thing to see is a bird park. The bird park has kiwis and other native birds. Also there was a mini golf course but that closed forever. And that’s all the sights.


The apartment in Queenstown was the best we have ever had. There was a big living room with GREAT wifi. Also there were nice comfy beds. And there was also a big tv.

I give Queenstown a 10/10

2 replies on “Nate’s Review of Queenstown”

Wow, so glad that you got stuck in Queenstown and not in Cairo!
But also glad that you can finally get out and about again.


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