Nate’s Review of Christchurch


The food in Christchurch is good. There is a good pizza place. Also there was a good Argentinian restaurant that had a great dish. The dish had an empenada and some sausage. Also in the city there was an ok Mexican restaurant that was slow but good. Also there was a restaurant that had pizza and it was bad. And there was also an American chain that had good sandwiches.


The sights in Christchurch were good. There was a sightseeing tram that was fun. Also there was a super duper bad museum. It was about the earthquake. It was boring. Also there was a river that you could canoe up. There was also an Antarctic museum that was good. At the museum there was a snow cat ride that was really really fun. It had big bumps and drops. Also there was an air force museum that had two flight simulators. In the first one you had you use your arms to control a plane and shoot down German observers from balloons. The other one had a cockpit of a plane. And you had to shoot battle ships or a prison. Also there was the biggest playground in the Southern Hemisphere. There were also some gardens that were boring.


The apartment in Christchurch was good. There were big beds with electric blankets. There was also a big tv and good wifi. Also there was a big table.

I give Christchurch a 9/10

One reply on “Nate’s Review of Christchurch”

Ahhh… Nate! The Really Good News here is that you are honest. That is fabulous. Hope you really enjoy the rest of the opportunities you have!


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