Nate’s Review of Taupo and Rotorua


The food was good. In the first town there was a place where they would cook your fish. Also there was a good American burger chain that had a plane at it. There was also a local fast food restaurant that had great burgers. In the next town there was an ok American sandwich chain. There was also an ok pub. Also in that town there was a Great pizza place with great meatball pizza. The last place in that town that we ate at was an American burger place.


The sights in the towns were great. In the first town there was a boat tour to see rock carvings that were carved in the 60’s. Also there are a lot of fishing boats and I caught 4 BIG fish. Also in that town there are scenic flights on sea planes. There is also some geothermal craters and a water fall. In the same town there is mini golf. In the next town there is a native experience that had all sorts of things including dancing, learning about how they did stuff and of course dinner. The dinner was ok. In this town there is a luge like the one in Queenstown but bigger and longer and there is two different starting points. In the same town there was rail cruising things were you are in a little tram and go on old railroad tracks to a station and then you come back. Also there was mini golf with live BUNNIES.


The hotels were good. The first one had a fireplace and three bedrooms. It also had good wifi and a big tv. There was also a nice island with stools that we sat at. The next hotel had bad wifi and small beds. Also it had thermal pools. It also had trampolines.

I give Taupo and Rotorua a 9/10

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