Things I can not wait to see!

Here is a list of things that I can not wait to see.

  1. London Heathrow International Airport
  2. Dubai International Airport
  3. The Olympics
  4. Hawaii

3 replies on “Things I can not wait to see!”

Hi Jack! You are off to one of your greatest adventures you will ever have in life. This is wonderful. I worked with your Grandma at the high school. (Very funny lady, we go back a long way) My son is in the Navy and has traveled to Hawaii for an exercise they call RIMPAC. It’s an International Maritime Warfare exercise that takes place with usually about 26 other countries. If you ever watched the movie Battleship, it is kind of like the beginning of the movie without the aliens. Haha! When my son’s ship pulled into Honolulu everyone has to stand at attention on the ship. They do this at every port. But he said it was very humbling to see the Arizona as they rounded the bend. You could hear a pin drop. They didn’t get to take a tour of it because the water was to choppy that day but did get the chance to tour the U.S.S. Missouri. Highly recommended. And if you get the chance to do some hiking in Honolulu the pictures of the terrain are awesome. My son calls them mountains I call them volcanos. LOL After all isn’t that what the islands are. I hope you have a wonderful adventure!

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