Yesterday we managed to visit 2 museums (one tiny) and 2 churches with plenty of downtime at the apartment. Still trying to acclimate to our new altitude and life!

The National Musuem was quite modern and progressive with well displayed exhibits and some interactive bits. Indigenous culture was prominently portrayed. We saw a temporary show on gender and sexuality in precolonial times. You will likely not be surprised the Spanish brought stricter norms and additional patriarchy. Some of my favorite pieces from all exhibits are below.

The ropes are modern take on Quipu, how Incas used to keep records.

We went to two incredible churches – “la compania” was one of the best I’ve ever seen, really. Unfortunately photos aren’t allowed of interior 😦 Click link for some though. exterior is below.

Nate hated the church, inside and out! “Sometimes people put too much stuff on things” – Well he has a good point! I guess he’s more of a contemporary architecture kind of guy.

3 replies on “Quito”

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your wonderful adventure! I am a friend of your mom’s; we were classmates in grade school and high school. I
Must say, you are an excellent writer. Thanks again for sharing.


Wow, that church interior looks incredible! I love your son’s comment, though.
Very excited to follow you all over this next year!


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