Inca Rail Seat Maps

Inca Rail is consistently bad about assigning seats for groups traveling together on their Voyager and 360° trains. Seats are issued sequentially without regard to whether they’re next to each other – a problem for couples, families, and other groups. For example seats 16 + 17 aren’t next to each other, or even in the same row. I couldn’t find a seat map online for either train, so this post is a Public Service Announcement to assist my fellow travelers in understanding what to expect. Here are seat maps (as I recall them) for the Inca Rail Voyager and Inca Rail 360° trains. These only represent the cars that we were in; other train cars might be different. In particular the Inca Rail 360° train has an observation car with a different layout with which I’m not familiar.

Seating chart for Inca Rail Voyager
Seating chart for Inca Rail Voyager
Seating chart for Inca Rail 360°
Seating chart for Inca Rail 360°

Corrections / additions welcome; please leave details in the comments.

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