My Thoughts on South America

Here are some of my thoughts on South America.


The food in South America was pretty good. My favorite food was in Argentina. If you ever get the chance to go to Buenos Aires I would highly recommend going to an Estancia. (If you do not know what an estancia is check out this post). The food there is really good. The estancia food was mostly steak but there were a couple sausages here and there.

Housing / Hotels

The hotels that we stayed at in South America were pretty good. They all had Wifi ( With varying speeds) and most of them had a kitchen that we could use. They all had beds and bathrooms like most hotels in South America.


South America has a lot of attractions in it. It has the Galpagoes (you can see a video about the place here) and it also has a lot of Parks, Zoos and museums. ( of varying quality ) One of my favorite attractions was the Estancia outside of Buenos Aires. The food there was really good and we watched the Gauchos ( basically cowboys ) do tricks. These were riding on their horses really fast with little sticks that they would pick up a really tiny ring.


Some of my favorite food was at the Estancia we went to and also at Pini Empanadas.

My favorite hotel was the apartment in Buenos Aires.

My Favorite city was Buenos Aires.

My Favorite attraction was Estancia. ( I think it was called Santa Susana )


South America is a pretty good continent to visit on vacation. There is a lot of differences between countries right next to each other. It really is kind of amazing! Also, I am sorry that I do not post as often but I am pretty busy maintaining other aspects of this site. ( Like comment moderation, etc…)

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