25% through ….by the numbers

We hit 3 months on the road in mid-November!

* 18 unique airports

* 25 different beds (includes a night on an airplane and 2 on a boat)

* 7 Countries (Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Gibraltar**, Morocco. also spent a few hours in England and Spain in transit)

* 3 international ferry crossings

*2 overland border crossings

* 5 gondola rides up mountains

* 7 National parks

* 9 UNESCO world heritage sites

More museums, buses, taxis and plates of spaghetti bolognese than we can count…

Cheers to 3 months (Moroccan mint tea)

**Gibraltar is technically an overseas territory of the U.K. so not truly a country, however it is an “international” flight from London and you have to go through immigration!

4 replies on “25% through ….by the numbers”

Congratulations! Lots to celebrate! I’m interested that spaghetti bolognese was your ubiquitous South American food. It never shows up in Nate’s reviews. 🍔🍕🌭


congratulations You guys are so cute. I’m always taken aback and amazed that you are doing this
and sharing your trip with all of us
will there be a time when you stay somewhere for a few months? Its a big world, you probably
have to keep moving to see everything on your list. What happens in winter? the Caribbean?
continued luck and happiness.


Thanks:) the longest we will be in any country is likely about 5 weeks (Ecuador, Argentina and likely Australia and NZ)… so far we haven’t stayed in one apartment for more than 2. We may get tired though, so lengths may get longer? We shall see!

We are headed to Western Europe for winter so not escaping cold, which is quite unusual for people doing trips like this!


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