Connections (can you have too many?)

We have arrived in Morocco! It is the boys’ and my first time in Africa and our 3rd continent in 3 1/2 days. eek.

This was our longest/most complicated few days of travel yet. We had a 13 hour flight from Buenos Aires to London (Heathrow) departing on a Tuesday afternoon landing early am on Wednesday, though it felt like the middle of the night to us. This followed the 1 hour trip to the Buenos Aires international airport from downtown. Upon landing in London, we had 6 hours before our flight to Gibraltar (2 1/2 hours long) where had to switch terminals (requires 2 trains) and collect and recheck our luggage (we flew on separate tickets) plus go through immigration. We also found a post office in the terminal on the way where we cleared out luggage of things we don’t need and sent back our minimal souvenirs.

We stayed in Gibraltar for about 40 hours and then took a bus to the Spanish border, where crossed the border into Spain (took about 2 minutes!). From their we got a cab (30 minutes) to a ferry (scheduled for 90 minutes but took 3 hours?) to Tangier Med Port. It is a HUGE port which had a bus ride to the customs office (immigration is done on the boat). We had a taxi waiting for us to bring us to Chefchaouen (2.5 hours). We arrived in Chefchaouen at about 5pm on Friday.

That was 2 planes (16.5 hours in air!), 4 taxi rides, a bus, 2 in-airport trains, a ferry, and an in-port terminal bus all in about 84 hours. We were in areas of 5 currencies (Pesos, Pounds, Gibraltar Pounds, Euro and Dirham) and had our passport checked at borders 6 times!

Boys on last leg (taxi ride to Riad in Chefchaouan)

Note, I am not sure I would recommend quite so many connections in a short time. That said we survived and have a somewhat less complex schedule for a bit, especially once we get through Morocco!

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