A Review of Aerolineas Argentinas (Airline Review 1 )

Aerolineas Argentinas is an Argentine airline that I thought was pretty good. The only aircraft type of theirs that we flew on was the Boeing 737-800 which is a pretty good & new plane. And no, this is not the type currently grounded.

We flew them a lot actually because we were hopping all around South America. I think we had around 7 flights with them which were mostly good.

Premium Economy Seats

One time we flew their premium economy which I thought was pretty good. The seats had good legroom – I’m not sure how much but I fit in the seats pretty well. They also served us lunch which I don’t know how good it was because I was not hungry.

Economy Seats

The seats in economy I thought were pretty mediocre. I thought the leg room was OK. They did not serve meals but they did have a snack & drink cart with the normal stuff.


The landings of Aerolineas Argentinas were pretty bad. But you can’t blame them because they have a lot of runways on the shorter side surrounded by mountains. Which causes turbulence and other weird things happen. They were not as bad as the landing of some of our flights that went in and out of the Quito Airport in Ecuador but that’s a different story.

Other things

On one flight we were on there was a big group of college students or people around that age and they were singing and yelling really loud. It was kind of like being on a school bus. And since we were toward the back of the plane it got really annoying. Luckily when we got off someone was complaining to the flight attendants so it will probably not happen to you.

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Nice review. Remember that any landing you can walk away from is a Good landing…. If the airplane still has all of its parts with it and in working order, that’s even better!


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