Nate’s Review of Rome


The food in Rome is good. There are a lot of places where you can get good pasta. Also, there are a few places were you can get good pizza. We ate in a lot, so that’s it.


The sights in Rome are great. There is the Colosseum, of course. At the Colosseum there is a special guided tour that you can get. With it you can go up top and part under the arena floor . Another attraction is the Forum. In the Forum there is the spot where Julies Cesar was burned. In another part of the Forum is the temples to the gods. We also went to the Pantheon which was cool. We also learned to be gladiators.We went to so many other places in Rome I couldn’t put them in this blog post.


The hotel in Rome was good. There was great wifi and we each had our own rooms. My bed was big and there was good wifi in my room. There were also comfy beds. There was also a cool golden wall with flush doors.

I give Rome 8/10.

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