Nate’s Review of Sorrento


The food in Sorrento is good. There are a few good restaurants. One has good fish and chips. They had actual chips. They weren’t fried as much as they were usually are. Another one had a good sausage sandwich. The sausage sandwich actually had fries in the bread. We went back there and I got lasagna that time. The cheese was a little crispy on the ends but it was still good. We went to a restaurant on the Amalfi coast. I got one of my favorite kinds of pasta there. Apart from that we ate in the apartment all the time so that’s it.


The sights in Sorrento are good. We went to the Amalfi cost and saw the coast line which was cool. Another day we went to Pompeii. We saw the amphitheater which was different than the Colosseum because it was set in to the ground. We saw a bakery, the forum and the theater.


The hotel in Sorrento was good. There was a nice view of Mount Vesuvius. But there was bad Wifi. We had small but comfy beds. And a nice table.

I give Sorrento a 9/10

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