Nate’s Review of Cape Town


The food in Cape Town is great. There is a restaurant that has great hot dogs with pretzel buns. There is a different restaurant that had great burgers and fries.


The sights in Cape Town are okay. There is the cape of good hope, which is the south western most point of Africa. There is also Robben Island. Also the most boring sight is Table Mountain. That’s pretty much it so I am done.


The hotel in Cape Town was fine. There was a nice TV. The apartment was on the top floor of the building and it was three floors. Also there were nice beds.

I give Cape Town a 7/10.

One reply on “Nate’s Review of Cape Town”

Sounds like you had a pretty good time overall, though…. Remember all of it, even the not-so-good parts, as someday you’ll put all of this together and understand a lot more of the “how and why” of the world than your friends do!


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