Second Quarter by the numbers

November 13 to February 9 (88 days)

  • 10 Countries: Morocco, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Egypt
  • 2 continents: Europe, Africa
  • 6 flights, 9 airports: RAK-SVQ, GRX-(MAD)-ORY, NAP-(FCO)-ATH, ATH-CAI
  • 7 Long Distance Trains: Paris to London, London to Brussels, Brussels to Berlin, Berlin to Seefeld Austria, Seefeld to Venice, Venice to Rome, Rome to Sorrento
  • ? – More local and suburban/short inter-city trains than we can count
  • 20 places to sleep: all in beds but 1, an airplane to our first stop of Q3
  • 20 UNESCO world/cultural/natural sites:
    1. Marrakech Médina (Morocco)
    2. Antequera Dolmens (Spain)
    3. The Alhambra (Spain)
    4. Mezquita/Old Town Córdoba (Spain)
    5. Real Alcázar/Sevilla Cathedral (Spain)
    6. Flamenco (Spain)
    7. Notre Dame (exterior only) (France)
    8. Banks of Seine/Eiffel Tower (France)
    9. Tower of London (England)
    10. Maritime Greenwich (England)
    11. Westminster Area (England)
    12. La Grande-Place (Belgium)
    13. Cologne Cathedral (exterior only) (Germany)
    14. Venice (Italy)
    15. Historic center of Naples (Italy)
    16. Pompeii and Herculaneum (Italy)
    17. Amalfi Coast (Italy)
    18. Acropolis (Greece)
    19. Historic Cairo (Egypt)
    20. Giza Necropolis (pyramids) (Egypt)

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