Latam: (Airline review 4)

Latam is a pretty good airline that we only flew in South America. We flew them a decent amount and they were a reasonable airline. We were on mostly shorter flights between small airports in smaller countries.


The seats were about on par with most airlines. There is not much to say about them.

Inflight Entertainment

Latam offers a free inflight entertainment system. You have to bring your own device but you can connect to the onboard WIFI, which has an onboard portal with TV shows and movies that you can watch. From what I can remember the selection was not that broad, but it was better than nothing. Also, the WIFI does not offer a outside internet connection so you can not open any other websites besides the Latam portal.


We did fly them to a lot of smaller airports in South America so that landings were not that smooth.

“But any landing you can walk away from is a good one and one that you can reuse the plane is a great one!”


From what I can remember, they had drinks for free along with chips and things like that also for free. This is about what you would expect from most airlines.

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After reading this, I went back and reread your other airline reviews. It seems like South America had a lot of bumpy landings, but those were often due to short runways and challenging terrain. Also, I am not familiar with the models of commercial airplanes. I’d love to hear which ones you were hoping to fly on, and why.


One of the planes that I want to fly on is the Cessna 172 another one that I have flown in recently is the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner


I highly doubt that we will fly on a Cessna 172 on this trip because it only sits 4 people. But, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that we were on was really cool because it was made out of carbon composite which means that they can make it a lot more comfortable for passengers.


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