Jack’s Favorite Safari Photos

I Just want to say that it is really hard to take pictures from a moving van on dirt roads. Also, the captions are jokes.

All Photos ©️ 2020 Jack

Forgot what this was called
windows10.exe has stoppped working
The Orion constellation. I promise that it is indeed there
dead giraffe
“Grass Lion”
Count how many cats you see
This is called a “Tree lion”
This is a hungry lion
A tree lion becoming a grass lion
if you use your imagination there is a leopard in this photo.
if you know what this animal is comment down below edit: its a serval
Downward Lion
hangry hippos
Very Pretty sunrise
4 cheetahs!

7 replies on “Jack’s Favorite Safari Photos”

I have no idea what that cat is. It couldn’t be an ocelot because they are only found in Central America and the us.


Wowow! Looks like you had a great safari! I can’t believe how many zebras are in that photo. Looks like a good place for lions and cheetahs to hang out! And I did see Orion. (Have you noticed how different a lot of the constellations are in the southern hemisphere?)
I think the mystery cat might be a serval. But I can’t take credit if I’m correct…I first thought maybe a civet or a caracal, but Google disabused me of those notions.


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