Travel interrupted: Coronavirus

When we embarked on this trip, we had no way of knowing a global pandemic would erupt while we traveled. This is a quick note to our readers that through lots of luck and a slight change in travel plans, we’re healthy (as far as we know) and are someplace relatively unaffected so far (New Zealand). It’s a long way from home, but we have access to health care if we need it and the populace generally acts like adults. The government here is honest and transparent about its response to the pandemic, and there is toilet paper in the stores. We even have Netflix.

Like everyone else we’re not sure how long the pandemic will last, nor are we sure how long we’ll be able to stay in our current location. Our future plans are up in the air as we watch and wait. Lauren has an advanced degree in public health, and we’re taking the virus seriously.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with their concerns and offers of help. We appreciate it, and love hearing from you!

5 replies on “Travel interrupted: Coronavirus”

Thanks Pat! We are sure trying – not doing all that much here but enjoying outdoors. It seems, for the moment, safer here than home but keeping close eye on things. Had a pcp friend tell me to stay put if I can, which I did take into consideration.


Tell Lauren to come back and solve our current public health problem here. Just kidding. Stay safe and try to enjoy what is left of your remarkable adventure. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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