Nate’s Review of Te Anau and Invercargill


The food was great. There was an ok place on the way to Te Anau. It had ok burgers. There was also a place that had good chicken fingers and fries. There was a different restaurant that was called the moose tavern and it had good food. In the same town, there was also a bad cafe that had awful burgers. On the way to the next town, there was a place that had good food next to a beach and a horse. In the next town, there was a chain restaurant that had good burgers. Also in that town, there was a good restaurant that had good fish and chips.


The sights in the towns were really good. The first town was the main place where people slept for a really dumb sound. The sound is just cliffs and some water between them. But in the same town, there are helicopter tours that are fun. In the next town, there was a really really fun place that lets you drive excavators and bulldozers. It is the best place in the world. Close by there is a really bad car and truck museum that is really boring. Also close to Invercargill there was the southern most point of the main road in New Zealand. Also close to that was aluminum plant that uses 13 percent of the power in New Zealand.


The hotels were ok. The first one in Te Anau was fine, there were big beds and a small living room. Also Te Anau is the main place for people going to Milford sound to sleep even though it’s two hours away by car. The next hotel in Invercargill was good. There were small beds and a small living room, but the beds were warm.

I give Te Anau and Invercargill a 10/10.

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