Nate’s Review of Dunedin and Twizel


The food was ok. There was one restaurant that had pizza and it was ok. There was also a pie shop (a pie shop that sold meat pies). And two good American chains that we ate at a few times. And there was also a different pizza place that was really good. There is also a Irish pup that was really good. There was a Mexican place that had good food. In the next town there was a good restaurant that we ate at twice. It had really good burgers and pizza.


The sights were good. There was mini golf that was fun. There was also a fun playground next to it that had a whale. Close to that were two beaches that were ok. Also there was a museum that was ok. Near the museum was a train station. In the next town there was a hike to see Mount Cook that was 8 hours long. The hike was boring and Mount Cook was not that impressive or pretty.


The hotels were good. The first one in Dunedin was ok. It had nice beds but they were small. Also the wifi was bad. The next hotel in Twizel was good. It was a house. And it had a big bed. Also it had good wifi and beanbag chairs.

I give Dunedin and Twizel a 9/10

One reply on “Nate’s Review of Dunedin and Twizel”

Interesting review, Nate! Keep your eyes peeled for new sights and sounds! You’re in a wonderful place to learn stuff!


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